At Social Club Dinner we aren’t just about having a good time. Rather, we like like to help others while having a good time! Each Social Club Dinner event benefits a local food bank by making monetary donations from each event. Participating in the community and donating anything from time to money may seem like a small form of help, but every little bit helps and together we can move the needle; while making sure we have a great time doing it! We’ve got 10 reasons why you should donate, just in case our fabulous pop-up parties weren’t reason enough:

  1. More people need help than you think, and it’s not just the homeless.
  2. You are helping others in need, and helping people feels good!
  3. The largest area of concern is childhood hunger. Feeding children today is feeding our future and creating a better place for everyone.
  4. Food banks need your help – whether you donate money, food, or your time every little bit counts.
  5. Everyone deserves to enjoy full nutritious meals with their families.
  6. 100% of your donation goes to the food bank you donated to and helps provide food for a person or family in need.
  7. Food banks don’t feed the problem, many food banks have a plethora of programs to educate people and lend a helping hand until recipients are back on their feet.
  8. Just $1 can provide anywhere from 3-5 meals or 1.5 pounds of food – What can YOU get for a dollar?
  9. It’s easy – most food banks make donating simple! With a visit to their website and the click of a button you can donate as much as you wish!
  10. It’s even easier and FUN with Social Club Dinner! When you purchase a ticket to a Social Club Dinner event, you are supporting a local food bank and helping your community. 

So what are you waiting for? Make a donation to your local food bank today OR join us at the table, and attend a Social Club Dinner event!