Why would we choose a theme from so long ago? Well let’s just get right to it and dive in!

PicMonkey Collage

The roaring 20’ were a prosperous decade unlike any other where money was easy, and good times were king. This is one of our favorite eras because there are so many unique and distinct facets that made the 1920’s a truly fabulous time to be alive.

Everything in this decade from the fashions to the food screamed opulence & decadence. We are fascinated with it all; which is why we have chosen the roaring 20’s as one of our themes for Social Club Dinner.

The Roaring 20’s themed events are a night to indulge, embrace your inner rebel and bring yourself back to a time where dancing, drinking, and exquisite dining were sins. Take joy in moving your body to the nonsensical rhythms of jazz music or mimic the Ziegfeld girls with your best high kick. Throw back a drink without a care and enjoy an evening where you are thrust into a time of rapid progress, forward thinking and good times.

Looking for some ideas and inspiration for your 1920’s themed Social Club Dinner? Check out how the hottest (jaw dropping) fashions and tastiest treats for hiding the harsh flavors of bathwater gin.