If given the choice between an empty wine bottle and a full one, we will always opt for the latter. However, with Social Club Dinner being the perfect marriage of dinner and party, we’ve been left with more than an armful of empty bottles.  So rather than recycle we’ve chosen to up-cycle our leftovers by turning them into a simple DIY decoration.  In three simple steps you will have an oh-so chic piece for your styled tablescape and an excuse to drink more wine!

 DIy wine chalk board with menu and setting


Empty Wine Bottle – Labels Removed

Chalkboard Spray Paint



  1. Wash out your wine bottles and remove labels by soaking in hot water for 30 minutes. Let your bottle dry completely.
  2. In an open area spray your bottles with chalkboard paint (readily available at most craft stores). Cover the bottle completely; in some cases a second coat may be needed.
  3. Once your bottles; or shall we say vases, have dried, give them some personality with your chalk. Wrapping some twin around the top is also a nice addition.

top view DIY wine chalkboardDIY-Chalkboard-wine-bottles

Chalkboard Menu:

This is a great addition to chalkboard wine vases. Simply use your chalkboard spray paint to cover a small piece of wood (also available at most craft stores). You can use this as a menu or simple table greeting for your guests.


*Thin chalk works the best on the bottles and menu. If your handwriting isn’t perfect, we recommend a little cheat by using stencils!