Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Club Dinner?

Social Club dinner is a series of pop-up parties. Each event is held in a unique location where guests gather to dine and dance.

What is the Theme?

Each event has its own unique theme that is announced in the invitation.

What Do I Wear?

You are encouraged dress up per each event’s theme. Our dress code is not strict, rather meant to be fun. So dress up or dress down and have fun.

What Do I Bring?

This night is your night and the world is your oyster! We recommend table decorations complete with place settings and linens. Pack your own meal and beverages for an elegant dinner under the stars. See our full list of recommended items.

Who Gets to Go

Social Club Dinners all have a limited amount of invitations. Invites are given out on a lottery system and first come first basis. Once you receive an invite you will 7 days to purchase your tickets. After those 7 days, your invite will be given to the next person waiting in line.

When Will I Get My Invite?

Once you have requested an invite, you will be emailed and invitation within 3-5 days. If 5 days has gone by and you have not seen your invite, please be sure to check your spam filter, just in case!

What Do I Do When I Get My Invite?

Invites will be sent via email. In your invite, you will be sent a private link where you can enter your personal code and purchase tickets. If you do not purchase your tickets within 7 days of receiving your invite your spot will be given away in the next round of invites.

How Many Tickets Can I buy?

Upon receiving your invite you may purchase as many tickets as you would like.

How Much Do Tickets Cost?

Tickets cost $29.00 for individuals. Ticket price lowers to $25.00 per person when purchasing 4 or more tickets at one time.

What Does Ticket Price Cover?

First and foremost, our events donate to local charities. While not all of the money goes directly to a charity, the cost of the ticket covers:

  • Venue costs
  • Security
  • Tables, chairs, linens, Etc.
  • Trash and waste management services
  • Entertainment fees
  • Parking
  • Permitting
  • Additional fees *vary by city and venue*

What If I Can’t Purchase My Tickets Within The 7 Day Window?

If you are unable to meet the deadline, don’t worry! If there are spots left after all the invites have gone out, we will open ticket sales up to the public. *In some cases there may be a price increase when ticket sales open up to the public*

What Does This Benefit?

Social Club Dinner benefits charities local to the cities in which the dinners are held. We often partner with local food banks because we know the importance of a balanced meal feel everyone deserves proper nutrition. If you would like to recommend a charity or become a charity partner please contact us here.

When Do I Find Out The Location?

On the day of Social Club Dinner Dallas, you will be sent an email at 3:00 PM announcing the location of the event.

How Early Can We Arrive?

You will be allowed to enter the venue at 5:00 PM to begin setting up your tables. Dinner and Entertainment will begin promptly at 7:00PM. Dinner ends right at 10:00PM

Additional Quetsions

For any other questions, please email
*Social Club Dinner is a special event that happens but once a year in each city. We ask that you respect each other, our venues, and the surrounding areas or neighborhoods so we can come back next year! Cheers