If we told you the most popular meal at Social Club Dinner was pizza, would you believe us? Well hold on to your knickers because guess what? IT IS! An overwhelmingly large amount of guests brought in pies or had them delivered. We know there are a lot moving parts when it comes to planning your tables at Social Club Dinner – so we say bring on the delivery! For those of you who bring pizza, not because you don’t want to cook, but because you just love biting into a piping hot piece of cheesy goodness then we have a special pizza treat for you! FOUR fabulous pizza recipes that can be made at home, ahead of time and are an exceptionally healthy alternative to the latter. Brought to you by our favorite paleo friendly blog – Paleo Girl’s Kitchen. Check out Paleo Girl’s healthy and oh-so-tasty twists on this popular Social Club Dinner meal of choice!

Pizza 4 ways