You sent in your request to be invited to Social Club Dinner 2014 and you can’t wait to receive that private invite to your inbox. But now what do you do? Don’t worry!  We regularly send out invites once a week to those who request them. If you haven’t gotten your invite and want to know why here are a few possible scenarios as to what may be going on:


  1. I haven’t gotten an invite in over 7 days: Relax and check your spam filter. There is a chance your invite is nestled snugly between emails you never check.
  2. You recieved multiple invites in one day, stop inviting me! PLEASE request ONLY ONE invite, we promise we will see your requests come in. Requesting multiple invites will not increase your chances of getting invited to Social Club Dinner.
  3. Why can’t I view the EventBrite ticket page? This is event is for invited guests only. You must request an invite to view the event page.
  4. I received an invite but I still can’t view the page? In order to view the ticket page and purchase tickets, you must click on the links provided in your invite.
  5. I got my invite and I want to buy multiple tickets, but I don’t know who is coming with me yet! No worries, you can purchase as many tickets as you like at one time. We recommened knowing as many as possible, we email each guest with information on what to expect and on the day of the location. If you absolutely must, you can use your personal email for multiple tickets. We do our best to prevent multiple emails being sent to the ticket purchaser.
  6. I got my invite! What ticket do I buy? Cocktail entry is for guests who do not plan to bring any food. our cocktail section is reserved standing room where guests can enjoy their beverages, dance, and mingle. Reserved Seating is for members who want the full Social Club Dinner experience. You bring your own table decorations, your own meals and enjoy communal seating with friends old and new.
  7. I got my invite, but I changed my mind or can no longer attend. No worries, there is always next year! Keep in mind, if you unsubscribe from our emails at any point, you will not be able to recieve and invite or any updates for the upcoming Social Club Dinners. We promise, we wont fill your inbox!
  8. I bought my tickets! Now what? View our What to Bring Checklist and the FAQ – all the information you need is in there. If you still have a question please feel free to email us:

We can’t wait to see you there! Cheers