Social Club Dinner San Diego
The San Diego Social Club Dinner is fast approaching & we are just aching to get the party started! Just to clear up any earlier confusion that may have been going on, this a white party in which guests arrive DRESSED in all white. This white party is not to be interpreted in any other way! Now that that’s cleared up, lets get to the fun details. This will be our first ever event in San Diego and are just itching to be seaside on San Diego’s unparalleled beaches, soaked in sun, and of course deeply immersed in the culture of what is known as one of the classiest cities in California.

For those of you just dying to know and those with a few unanswered questions; we thought we’d give you a few details and a sneak-peak into what you can expect at our San Diego Social Club Dinner.

San Diego Theme: San Diego White party – Our theme is simple, inspired by the French tradition of dining in all white with friends new and old. However, this is not stuffy French dinner, this is an American style PARTY!

What Do I Wear? Since this is a white party; you are highly encouraged to wear white, from head to toe. This even includes your decorations, tablecloths, and can extend to your menu choices as well.

What Do I Bring? This night is your night and the world is your oyster! We recommend table decorations complete with place settings and linens. Pack your own meal and beverages for an elegant meal under the stars. Be sure to check out suggested what to bring check-list.

Who Gets to Go? Social Club Dinners all have a limited amount of invitations. Invites are given out on a lottery system and first come first basis.

When Will I Get My Invite? Once you have made the request invites will go out on a rolling basis, you will have one week to purchase your tickets, after that one week your invite will expire and the next round of invites will go out. This will repeat until all spots have been filled.

What Do I Do When I Get My Invite? Invites will be sent via email. In your invite, you will be sent a private link where you can enter your personal code and purchase tickets. If you do not purchase your tickets within 7 days of receiving your invite your spot will be given away in the next round of invites.

How Much Do Tickets Cost? Tickets cost $32 per person and $28 per person when you purchase four or more. Request an invite to receive a special discount!

What If I Can’t Purchase My Tickets Within The 7 Day Window? If you are unable to meet the deadline, don’t worry! If there are spots left after all the invites have gone out, you will receive a last chance invite.

What Does This Benefit? Social Club Dinner benefits charities local to the cities in which the dinners are held. The San Diego Charity Partner is the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank.

When Do I Find Out The Location? On the day of Social Club Dinner Dallas, you will be sent an email at 3:00 PM announcing the location of the event.

How Early Can We Arrive? You will be allowed to enter the venue at 5:00 PM to begin setting up your tables. Dinner and Entertainment will begin promptly at 7:00PM.

*Social Club Dinner is a special event that happens but once a year in each city. We ask that you respect each other, our venues, and the surrounding areas or neighborhoods so we can come back next year! Cheers