Delicate desserts are so in these days, from French macarons to the trendy cupcakes. By why stop there? Let’s take something ho-hum or everyday and turn it into something feminine and beautiful. Lets say a fortune cookie for example – just your every day, run of the mill pancake neatly folded, secretly hiding what one can only guess to be a generic and mediocre fortune. Now lets add some gold. And sparkles. And then BAM! You have just created an extremely good looking dessert ready to outshine any others on the dessert table.

These shiny treats are so simple and will fool your guests into thinking you have been working on these babies for days. “But of course,” they’ll say, “there is no way that time in the kitchen can trump the amount of time it took to come up with this fabulous idea!” You’ll laugh and wave your hand while modestly saying, “Oh, its nothing”. No one has to know that these super star cookies are just three simple steps and ready to serve in just minutes! YAY!


You will Need:

Parchment Paper

Fortune cookies

Gold cake spray paint – Available here

Edible gold pearl decorating dust- Available here

Instructions: Line up all the fortune cookies you plan to decorate on your parchment paper. Lightly spray with gold cake spray. While spray is still wet sprinkle the dusting powder along the tops of your fortune cookies.