Those drinks, oh those drinks we posted about  were simply delicious and no St. Patty’s day reveler should go without at least a sip! Trust us, if you don’t have the luck of the Irish, these stiff ones will give you the courage of an Irishman, at the very least…if you know what we mean!

Speaking of stiff, if you are serving these drinks for guests or just yourself, we suggest being armed with food on-hand. For a fun twist on an Irish classic we are going to be serving up corned beef sliders. These little babies are easy to make and are fantastic finger foods for your guests. And inn our opinion, that slider trend is not going out…we may be late to the game, but we are so jumping on the bandwagon.


Corned Beef Slider Recipe
This is an easy one for all those kitchen novices or non-chefs out there!

1 package corned beef with spices
1 bottle of Guinness Beer
1/2 head of cabbage
mini burger buns
whole grain mustard, optional
horseradish cream sauce, optional

1. Cook corned beef according to package
2. Half-hour before corned beef is finished, add cabbage to pot to cook with corned beef
3. Remove corned beef and cabbage from stove
4. Assemble burgers with corned beef, cabbage, and garnish with mustard and horseradish cream

Don’t forget to cheers with a freshly poured Guinness or our tasty black & tan shooters!